Rauen Guitars

Masters of Restoration and Repair

Specializing in Repair and Restoration

Whether you are just starting your journey as a guitar player or already a seasoned one, Rauen Guitars' doors are always open. For more than 40 years, Denny Rauen has been building, restoring, repairing, and modifying string instruments.


Services Offered

Since 1982, Rauen Guitars has been serving a variety of clients, including top musicians, enthusiasts, and collectors from around the world. Currently, Denny focuses on the repair and restoration of guitars, bass, banjo, and mandolins.


Meet the Master Luthier

As a skilled guitar craftsman, Denny is a highly experienced professional who has worked with the best in the business. The experience he has far outmatches what custom guitar services are out there. In fact, he was featured as one of the nation's finest luthiers by the Guitar Player Magazine in 1988.


Denny is the person behind inventing the compound radius fretboard, which provides guitar players with great mobility for string bending. It was in 1978 when this idea came to light and later shared for the entire luthier community to use. Before he invented this fretboard for guitar, nobody used a conical-shaped fingerboard to help in bending notes.

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If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, feel free to reach out to Denny today.